Work with Anthem Business Solutions & Reap the Benefits

Anthem will provide the Heartland POS to your Oklahoma-based restaurant or food truck, and we’ll even reward you with cash for signing on or referring other businesses to us! We specialize in Point of Sale for Restaurants in Oklahoma.

Work with Anthem Business Solutions & Reap the Benefits

Anthem will provide the Heartland POS to your Oklahoma-based restaurant or food truck, and we’ll even reward you with cash for signing on or referring other businesses to us!  We specialize in Point of Sale for Restaurants in Oklahoma.

Share Your Leads and Be Rewarded

If you share a lead with Anthem, and they purchase a new Heartland Restaurant POS from us, we’ll reward you with $250. The great thing about this program is that there’s no limit to the number of referrals you can provide - and if you’re an Oklahoma-based restaurant or food truck who would like the Heartland Restaurant POS for your business, you can refer yourself and get the $250 reward as well!

Who Can Participate in the Program?

If you know anyone who owns a Tulsa restaurant or an Oklahoma City restaurant, or food truck of any size (or is thinking of starting a business), you can benefit from referring them with this program, as long as they follow through with the purchase of the Heartland Restaurant POS system from Anthem Business Solutions. Actually, you can refer any Oklahoma restaurant!  From Enid to Durant, from Miami to Lawton, from Ponca City to Ardmore, Anthem Business Solutions covers the entire state. Any Oklahoma restaurant, startup or established, qualifies for the Anthem Lead Program. 

How It Works

Fill out the form below completely and click “Submit”. When you do, one of Anthem Business Solutions sales professionals will contact the Oklahoma Restaurant you are referring and begin the process of ensuring they get the best solution possible for their Restaurant Point of Sale System.  If they decide to buy a Heartland Restaurant POS from us, you get paid! 

What is the Heartland Restaurant POS Like?

Before you commit to the purchase, you might be interested in knowing how Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale compares to other Restaurant Point of Sale Systems you’ve heard about. In this section, we’ll dive into the details of how Heartland Restaurant stacks up to the competition. 

It is important to note, the information below is the result of 3rd party research provided to us and we are including it here for your consideration, including a review of Heartland Restaurant POS.

Better communication and results than Toast

If you do any digging into the support and communication you can expect from Toast Point of Sale, you’ll see that  several customers complain that they aren’t receiving timely responses from the support line. As you know, this is a critical issue in the food service industry, where you’ve got to be quick on your feet to handle the influx of new customers and where word of mouth can make or break you.
Another frequent complaint is that the Toast POS support staff struggle to understand the Toast hardware or Toast Point of Sale software, which is a major issue when you need support.

With Heartland Restaurant POS and Anthem Business Solutions, you will experience direct support from Anthem, which other POS companies don’t offer. If you run into any issues or problems, simply contact us and we’ll get an expert in touch with you to fix the issue right away. We’re well-versed in Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale and will be able to answer any questions you have for us. 
Nobody likes burnt Toast and nobody likes poor service!

Lower upfront (and ongoing) costs than Clover

Clover Point of Sale is called an all-in-one POS, but a huge downside that they don’t talk about much is the upfront cost. If you have an existing POS system, Clover won’t be compatible with it. This means that you’ll have to spend a lot of money when you decide to switch to all new equipment. 

Along that same vein, if Clover Point of Sale upgrades their machines, you’ll be stuck with the outdated version, which may become obsolete and incompatible over time. This means you’ll have to pay again for a major upgrade (or you’ll have to switch to a completely new POS system). 

And many of the features of Clover come from the restaurant operator subscribing to 3rd party app providers. This adds additional monthly costs for you, and will require support from a different vendor who will most likely not be local for you and require online interaction with unknown response times.  You would have multiple vendors to get support from which is certainly not ideal.
With Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale and Anthem, there’s more flexibility. You may be able to use an existing POS system with the Heartland app, and you won’t be forced to upgrade or change it until you’re ready to do so. We know you’ve got a lot going on, so our goal is to make your business as smooth-running and simple as possible. 

According to customer reviews, Clover’s service isn’t very far off from Toast. Clover customers complain that it’s difficult to return the systems, the upfront cost is high, and support is lacking (or not responsive at all). Not exactly a barefoot walk in the Clover!

A higher-quality user experience than Square

Although Square Point of Sale has one of the best-known POS systems, it’s got some of the worst customer experience, to the point that it only has one star on this review site. Everything from poor customer service, to bugs in the system that cost you money, to frozen funds is cited as reasons not to use them. Sometimes you cannot fit all around good service into a Square hole!

When you use Heartland Restaurant POS, you can benefit from 24/7 customer support. Our team will return your call within one business day, and our US-based team answers phone calls right in our Tulsa office.  And we have service technicians on call to help you resolve an issue you may have. We also have a helpful blog that explains how to troubleshoot issues… just another reason that Heartland Restaurant POS received 4 out of 5 stars from Techradar

Scott Berkshire

VP of Anthem Business Solutions

Other benefits of using Heartland Restaurant POS and Anthem Business Solutions

Want to know what else makes Heartland Restaurant POS stand out? Here’s what else we have to offer:

Integration with third-party apps.

Heartland Restaurant also integrates with full list of apps to expand your Heartland POS including DoorDash, Marketman, Como, 7Shifts, ItsaCheckmate, Deliverect and more. 

Top-notch security.

All of the Heartland Restaurant POS hardware, software, and security technology are PCI-compliant. We use Heartland Secure, a proprietary security technology to protect users against data fraud and credit card breaches. When payment is made, the data is encrypted in your Heartland Pin Pad terminal within the hardware, and is sent to Heartland servers - which means no sensitive data is stored on your devices and credit card numbers are never in your POS system! Heartland also uses tokenization technology to keep info out of the hands of hackers. 

Accepts multiple forms of payment.

Heartland Restaurant doesn’t just take credit cards and debit cards - wireless terminals also accept contactless payment, Apple Pay, and Mobile Pay. 

And Credit Card Freedom!

Heartland Restaurant POS is fully integrated to Heartland Credit Card Processing.  This tight integration provides the fullest feature set for your restaurant.  While we hope you elect to process your credit cards with Heartland, we do not force you to process with Heartland, unlike Toast, Clover and Square, who force you to process with them.  You have the freedom to choose.  

Integration with third-party apps.

Heartland Restaurant also integrates with full list of apps to expand your Heartland POS including DoorDash, Marketman, Como, 7Shifts, ItsaCheckmate, Deliverect and more. 

Have a lead for us? 

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